January 2020

The XBFL is less than two weeks away from crowning its latest champion.  The final four teams feature three regulars to the playoff scene and one veteran member making his first appearance in the Conference Championships.   

This week, LOCKNLOAD WEEZ and his 15-1 Bears will host first time conference finalist WhoWantsDis and his 10-5-1 Rams.

On the AFC side, MaddenMaster420’s explosive Chief’s offense (10-6) will be faced against the stifling defense of VinillaGorillaa and his NY Jets (15-1).

This Sunday evening, The XBFL will be hosting it’s second annual Madden Fantasy Legends League live draft that will feature the most up-to-date and current NFL rosters, in addition to over 330 legends of the game dating back to the 1970s.

Once the Fall league (Season 38) concludes, league members who wish to remain active will participate in a live rookie draft featuring real college prospects and begin a new season, but on an accelerated schedule of two games per week.

Both the Fantasy League (Season 39) and continuation of the fall league (Season 38.5) will conclude some time in mid-to-late March.

Season 38 Playoffs Continue; XBFL Madden Fantasy Legends League to Start

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