September/October 2018

The XBFL kicked off its 36th season on the evening of September 24th.  Earlier this year, the XBFL marked its 16th year of operation, continuing the distinction of being the longest running nationally organized football league on Xbox Live.

Per usual, the XBFL began this year’s season after the Week 2 NFL roster update became available.  With Madden 19, there was also the need to ensure the second DL patch would sufficiently repair many of the game’s significant issues before competitive gameplay could begin.

A number of new recruits came on board this year and through preseason activity, earned high praises from the administrative staff.  The league is looking forward to a productive year in terms of quality additions to the roster of players as well as overall competition.

This year, the usual title contenders have all returned, some with their usual teams acquired through the annual team draft: Meaker (Mia), MaddenMaster420 (KC), II DYG II (NO), and GimpyOwnzU (Min) and some who weren’t able to draft their favorite teams: TheJames (now with Jax instead of Atl) and Mr Fett (NE instead of Dal). 

The XBFL is gearing up for veteran players and new additions to face off in what will prove to be an exciting and enjoyable season for everyone involved.

While the season has already begun, The XBFL will keep the enrollment process open for the next 60 days in the event a position becomes available.  Interested gamers are encouraged to complete an application which may have them placed on a standby list, or, if an opening is available at the time, the opportunity for immediate placement.

XBFL Kicks Off 36th Season, 16th Year in Operation

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