February 2020

MaddenMaster420 and his Kansas City Chiefs required a fourth quarter defensive meltdown by the New York Jets, scoring 21 unanswered points, in the Conference Final to advance to the XBFL’s title game.  This time around, however, they were focused on not falling behind early on in the game, especially against the league’s top defense in Chicago (LOCKNLOAD WEEZ).

The game was scoreless through the first quarter before the Chiefs put together a few good offensive drives in the second, scoring 13 unanswered points.  Chicago drove the length of the field before the half with a balance of run and passing plays, making it all the way to the one yard line.  However, on the ensuing goal line play, the Bears fumbled the ball away, which as it turned out, may have been the play of the game.

The Chiefs picked up a third quarter field goal to go up 16-0 before the Bears began to mount a late game comeback in the fourth quarter behind league rushing leader Tarik Cohen.  Cohen scored two rushing touchdowns and the offense picked up a two point conversion as well.  Kansas City scored a TD of their own in the fourth which put them up 23-15, thus eliminating any hope for a Chicago comeback.

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MaddenMaster420 Claims First XBFL Title; Chiefs Win TWO Super Bowls in 2020!

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