July 2018

The XBFL will open enrollment to prospective newcomers on Saturday, July 21st.  The XBFL has been a premier league for online football gaming for over 15 years and only retains the best in terms of committed, sim-football players.

Due to a number of rookies who were cut last season, there will be roster spots available for the forthcoming Madden 19 fall season which is expected to kick off around the second week of the NFL season (or when the Week 1 NFL roster update becomes available for Madden 19 -- whichever comes first).

Applications will be reviewed and responses made within five business days once enrollment begins.  A few things to note:

- The league is open to North American gamers age 21 and older.

- The XBFL has zero tolerance for cheesy gameplay or exploitation of in-game loopholes or cheats.

- All members must be able to reply to emails and/or scheduling requests within 24 hours.  Being proactive is also expected when it comes to scheduling.

- All members must be able to play a minimum of one game per week

  1. -All members are expected to adhere to the official league rules and guidelines at all times.

Prior to kick off, The XBFL will engage in pre-season communications, team draft, and some actual pre-season games.

XBFL Season 36 Open Enrollment to Begin on July 21st

Welcome to The XBFL, the XBox Football League - one of the very first and longest running online football leagues supporting the Microsoft Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. 

A pioneer in organized league-play over Xbox Live, The XBFL has been providing the sim-football experience for both hardcore and casual gamers alike since 2002.

We invite you to look around our website to learn more about the competitive football gaming experiences we have to offer.


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