November 2017

The XBFL is a quarter way through its 34th season and for many divisions, there is very little separation between teams in terms of overall record and early favorites to make the playoffs. The usual suspects: Meaker, LOCKNLOAD WEEZ, Mr Fett, MaddenMaster420 and ThaJames continue to do well thus far, however, several have already suffered early upsets which may prove costly later in the season.

The injury bug has taken its toll on a number of teams, however league admins have made efforts to minimize the frequency of these occurrences through modification of the injury slider on a few occasions to where they now feel it mimics the performance measures of past seasons.

A Winter Season (Season 35) will commence immediately after Season 34’s Super Bowl which is expected to take place during the first or second week of February 2018.  The Winter Season will include a rookie draft and all “front office” activities leading up to the pre-season.

Weekly scores can be found on The XBFL’s official Facebook page.

More information on applying for membership to The XBFL can be found on the XBFL REGISTRATION page.

Season 34: XBFL Fall Season Continues

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