September 28, 2017

The XBFL’s pre-season activity will be winding down this weekend and the official regular season kickoff will begin at 12 noon Eastern Time on Sunday, October 1st.  This will mark the league’s 34th season over the past 15 years.   The pre-season league will be deleted and a new league will be created to capture the very latest roster updates.  All login information will be distributed first thing Saturday morning to all existing members.

Also on Saturday (9/30), a memo to all members will be sent out with detailed scheduling information.  Furthermore, the league’s new weekly “report card” system will be in place at the start of Week 1.

The XBFL will remain on the Xbox One console for the duration of this season.  Members who purchase an Xbox One X will still be eligible to continue participating assuming there are no compatibility issues between the platforms, otherwise, Madden 18 for the Xbox One will required for play on the next-gen console (as the game should be backwards compatible).

Enrollment is still active at this time and good teams are still available to committed gamers who seek sportsmanship and quality sim gaming.

More information on applying for membership can be found on the XBFL REGISTRATION page.


Season 34: XBFL Fall Season Begins This Sunday!

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