March 2018

The XBFL concluded its Fall Season with TheJames capturing his second league title (first Fall Season title) in only his second year with the league.

ThaJames’ Atlanta Falcons (15-1) faced Josh8185’s Cincinnati Bengals (13-3) in the Championship Game.

The Falcons defeated Season 29 Fall Season Champion LocknLoad Weez and his Seattle Seahawks (14-2) in the NFC final playoff round to reach The XBFL Super Bowl  The Falcons won 31-13 in their meeting.

Josh8185 took a walkover win to advance to the final game of the season. FIve time Fall Season champion Meaker (nine championships overall) and his Miami Dolphins (11-5) were unfortunately unable to compete in the AFC Conference Championship. 

The Championship game was broadcast on Twitch and the first quarter provided entertainment for onlookers as both teams showed their offensive firepower with big plays from aggressive play calling.

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Season 34: ThaJames Captures Fall Season Championship

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