XBFL Registration

Madden 23 Membership:
Membership requests are NOW OPEN (August 2022)

Attention prospective recruits:

The XBFL is a simulation-based football league.  We seek only
committed gamers who will strictly adhere to the rules of this league.  We do not tolerate poor sportsmanship, individuals who rely on money plays, glitches, utilize repetitious play calling or resort to unrealistic gameplay to gain an unfair advantage.  We also expect all members to be prompt and respectful in their communications with other members (i.e. scheduling efforts, general comments in the forum, etc.) and to be timely and reliable each week of the regular season and playoffs.  Please make note of the following:

  1. -The XBFL’s Madden 23 league will run solely on the Xbox Series X/S.  We have discontinued support of the Xbox One console.

  2. - If you have been directed to The XBFL by an active member, be sure to indicate their Gamertag when completing your application. Responses are typically made within 72 hours.  If you are applying without a referral, your form submission will still be considered!

  3. -When the roster becomes filled for this season, any additional applications from qualified prospects will be placed on a “standby list” in the event a vacancy occurs during the pre-season or regular season (whichever is applicable).

  4. -The XBFL “Fall League” will run at one game per week from late September to February.

  5. -The XBFL “Winter League” will consist of TWO leagues:  A fantasy legends league, and a continuation of the fall/regular season league.  Both will run at an accelerated pace of two games per week.  These are considered extra or “bonus leagues” for members if they desire to play more Madden after the Fall League concludes.

  6. -All applicants must read and agree to the Rules and Guidelines of this league before submitting an application.

Prior to clicking on the enrollment link below, be sure to read through the League’s rulebook.  Your completed application is an agreement to adhere to the terms and guidelines of this league should you be accepted.

                                               XBFL Registration Form for Madden 23

Please note that applications that include incomplete or false information will not be considered nor will they be replied to.  Please be sure to complete the entire app before submitting.  This league is open to mature, sportsmanlike and responsible gamers ages 21 and older, living in North America (U.S. and Canada).